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Discover Naranjo – a nice, easy-going Tico town

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If you don’t know where Naranjo is located, use Google Maps for an exact location.
Naranjo is a very fertile area. The excellent volcanic soil here makes this the perfect area for coffee, fruit trees, and immaculate gardens. It’s also a really nice and easy-going Tico town. If you’re looking to mingle with the locals you’ve found your new home in Costa Rica.
The Espirito Santo Coffee tour draws in many tourists and nationals to see how coffee is produced, harvested, and packed in the heart of the coffee land of Costa Rica. The tour is located in the town of Naranjo and features coffee grown from the local Co-ops here and sold to Starbucks, and other coffee houses.
The size of the town makes it an easy town to maneuver in. However, the Central Market of Naranjo is one of the busiest in this area and is famous for it.

Where is Naranjo

Located just off the Pan American highway, only 25 minutes from the International Airport, Naranjo is conveniently situated in the heart of the country.
The central location of Naranjo makes it easy from the airport, and convenient for you and your guests regardless of where you are flying in from. Only 5 minutes off the Pan American highway, Naranjo is easy on easy off when going into the city for lunch or shopping, and to the beaches in Guanacaste. Also, if you want to go north to the plains, or the volcano, Naranjo is the gateway. This is the principle road north winding up though Naranjo into the mountains offering breathtaking view after view.

Living in Naranjo

The word “Naranjo” means orange grove. You can see Orange farms as well as coffee plantations all over this area. Naranjo is the main coffee producer of the country. With a population of 40 thousand, it boasts a bustling central market and two outdoor agricultural markets, or “ferias“. Discover Naranjo as one of the best Tico experiences available in the Central Valley; it still has the small town feeling yet is only 1 hour to downtown San Jose.

The weather in Naranjo

Each of the 13 districts offers different altitudes and views of the Central Valley, and the surrounding towns. In Naranjo, you can live in the real Costa Rica, learn Spanish, and buy fruits and veggies from the locals. With altitudes of about 3000 feet to 5000 feet and an average temperature of 67 to 77 degrees, the climate is spring like year-round.


There are no malls in Naranjo, but the shopping downtown is pretty decent. There are also several grocery stores, pharmacies and veterinarians if you have any pets.


For healthcare, Naranjo has an Ebais and a clinic (Caja) but for a real hospital you need to go to Grecia. There are several private clinics and dentists.


There is no shortage of options for worshipping in Naranjo.
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