Costa Rica Real Estate, from Coast to Coast, the Right Way!!!

Why AE Costa Rica real estate?

Why AE Costa Rica real estateAE Costa Rica real estate MLS, short for the American European Real Estate Group Costa Rica, was created to fill a gap in the real estate market.

There was always a lack of a professional organization that puts ethics and a well-organized MLS first.

Costa Rica Multiple Listing System (MLS)

With an average of 30 agents on our network, AE Costa Rica offers over 2,500 up to date properties for sale and for rent. Therefore, we are your best choice to search for

All Costa Rica property for sale and for rent is listed by just one office or just one agent, representing his or her office. Therefore, AE Costa Rica real estate covers the whole country, from coast to coast.

Costa Rica real estate Licensing

First of all, real estate licensing is not obligatory in Costa Rica anybody calls himself a realtor or real estate agent. Therefore, our group of real estate professionals decided to start AE Costa Rica real estate. Back then, the only real estate board in Costa Rica, the CBR, had a 2-day real estate course. Without even taking a test, you could call yourself a real estate agent.

Therefore we decided to start our MLS. We only accept legal real estate agents and real estate brokers, one in each area. In addition, all agents have to have enough real estate experience in Costa Rica to make sure both buyers and sellers will be served well and professionally.

Furthermore, all our agents have to have enough real estate experience in Costa Rica to make sure both buyers and sellers will be served well and professionally.

Looking for a real estate agent?

When looking for a real estate agent, you still need to do your homework. You need to make sure that this is the agent you can work with. That it is somebody who knows what he/she is doing. Real estate agents in Costa Rica are not regulated by any government agency. Membership in the American European Group is a top recommendation for your peace of mind.

Contact a Real Estate Agent

When you contact an AE Costa Rica real estate agent you will be attended by a well-trained and professional real estate agent or broker. This professional will listen to your needs and wants. Also, you will be assisted in making good decisions every step of the buying process. In addition, this leads to a wise purchase and real satisfaction when you move in.

Our AE Costa Rica Real Estate Network

Each member of our real estate network is an experienced real estate agent or broker. Our agents have assisted many people to make the transition to Costa Rica. Because it is quite an adjustment buying a new home and when you move to another country that is doubly true. When you deal with an AE real estate agent, your transition to Costa Rica will be smoother than when you do it on your own.

Realtors in our group are not only assisting you with the purchase of a property in Costa Rica. We will assist you in locating the right people to help you in every aspect of your relocation.

Contact us now if you are moving to Costa Rica. A trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent will assist you.

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