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Costa Rica MLS

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Costa Rica MLS

First of all, the first and only country-wide MLS, the American European Real Estate Group, was born in 1996.

This was long before the internet era. We organized some independent agents, and as a result, the first Costa Rican MLS was born. As an easier way of cooperation between real estate agents in the different Provinces of Costa Rica, we exchanged property information.

At the time, most real estate agents were working the whole country. And another Multiple Listing Service didn’t even exist.

100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

A real estate agent with an office in Escazu would show beach property for sale in Playa Flamingo, homes for sale in Dominical, residential lots for sale in Santa Ana as well as farms for sale in the southern Caribbean. The distances that needed to be covered by both the agent and the buyers were totally crazy. Also, the cost and the effort to work in real estate professionally was tremendous.

Now, in the next century, our network is a group of independent brokers specializing in assisting clients from the U.S., Europe and Asia buy real estate in Costa Rica. Therefore, we offer an up-to-date database with thousands of properties for sale.  As our slogan says, we do “real estate the right way” and offer you properties for sale from coast to coast in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica MLS from coast-to-coast

What is Costa Rica MLS?

Costa Rica MLS is an online database, accessible by all the affiliate agents at any time. The affiliate agents can upload their Costa Rica properties for sale on the Costa Rica MLS with the following information:

  • As many photos of the property as the agent wants
  • The offered sales price of the property
  • Size of the land and size of the construction
  • Location  by City and subdivision
  • How many bedrooms and baths
  • Features of the property for sale
  • A full description of the property for sale
  • The contact data of the listing agent
Costa Rica MLS
Costa Rica MLS from coast to coast

How to search the Costa Rica MLS

By Specific Property Type

Special searches

Owner financed property – Is all property for sale that carries some owner financing

Price reduced – Is all fire-sale, bargains and price reduced property for sale


Residential Home is all the residential homes for sale and for rent in Costa Rica

Beach home will show you all homes near the beach for sale

Lots are all the residential lots for sale in Costa Rica

Luxury lots are all residential lots meant for a luxury home

Luxury Beach are specifically luxury beach properties

Golf homes are specifically golf homes for sale

Gated communities are only homes in condominiums and gated communities

Luxury homes are specifically luxury homes for sale 

Luxury condos are specifically luxury condos and homes in gated communities for sale

Mansions and estates are all those that are over $1M and large homes or estates

Mountain homes are all homes in the mountains of Costa Rica

Ocean front homes are all homes and condos on the beach

Ocean view homes are all Costa Rica homes with an ocean view

Rental are all the commercial rentals, long term rentals and short term rentals where you will also find the vacation rentals


Commercial properties for sale and businesses in Costa Rica

Office building are all office buildings for sale and for rent

Restaurants and bars offer all inventory of restaurants and bars for sale and for rent

Bed and Breakfast will show you all B & B’s for sale in Costa Rica

Hotels is where you will find hotels, B & B and lodges for sale

Retails stores where you will find retail store space for rent and for sale

Retreats is where you will find all Spa and Retreats for sale

Commercial land will show all property, with or without construction that is zoned commercial

Tourism business carries all inventory of businesses and properties in tourism

Warehouses will show you all warehouses in Costa Rica for sale and for rent

Wellness is where you will find anything related to the wellness industry


Farms and ranches are all the farms for sale in Costa Rica

Agricultural will show you farms of all sizes that are good for agriculture

Cattle farm will show you all cattle farms for sale

Reforestation farms are all farms that either have already reforestation or have the potential

Development farms will show you all farms that are good for residential or commercial development

Looking for a small farm? Here you will find it.

By City

This option offers a search of any of the above property types in 101 different cities of Costa Rica

By Geographic Area

Our affiliate real estate agents cover the following areas:

Atenas and Alajuela shows all Atenas and Alajuela properties for sale and for rent

Caribbean Beach shows all Caribbean properties for sale

Central Pacific Beaches shows all Central Pacific properties for sale

Curridabat and East San Jose shows all properties for sale in Curridabat and Eastside San Jose

Escazu and Santa Ana shows all Escazu and Santa Ana properties for sale

Grecia and Naranjo shows all Grecia, Naranjo, and Sarchi properties for sale

Heredia and Cariari shows all Heredia and Cariari properties for sale

Lake Arenal and San Carlos shows all Lake Arenal and San Carlos properties for sale

Nicoya Peninsula Beaches shows all Nicoya Peninsula beach properties for sale

North Pacific Beaches shows all North Pacific Beach properties for sale

Other Central Valley shows all properties in other cities of the Central Valley for sale

Other Guanacaste shows all Guanacaste properties for sale that are not located in the beach areas.

Puriscal shows all properties in the immediate surroundings of Puriscal for sale.

San Jose areas shows all properties in the San Jose suburbs and cities in the San Jose metropolitan area for sale

South Pacific Beaches shows all South Pacific beach properties for sale

By Price

Costa Rica MLS
Santa Ana Condo Avalon Country

Go to advanced where you can set your budget by setting the minimum price and maximum price and the system will show you all the properties in Costa Rica that are in between these two ranges.

Advanced search will give you also some other more advanced options to search on the Costa Rica MLS.

What else can you find on the Costa Rica MLS?

Who are our agents

Here you can meet all our agents, who they are, how they look like, where they operate, their property listings and their contact information.


This page lists real estate testimonials from clients of the American-European brokers about their experience in the different locations like Atenas, Escazu, Samara Beach, and Dominical Beach.

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Who We Are

Each American-European broker is an independent operator with their own unique style, personality, and way of doing business. In addition, our group has also found that we have a lot in common:

  • Our affiliates are all full-time professionals.
  • Each broker holds themselves and their associates to the highest standards of integrity.
  • We are involved with our clients before, during and after the sale, assisting you in clearing hurdles throughout your relocation process.
  • Our number one concern is protecting your interests, no matter whether you are buying or selling a property and regardless of your budget.
Costa Rica MLS members
Costa Rica MLS member in 1998

As a full-time professional, the American-European broker is able to guide, advise and support each client throughout the entire process of purchasing properties in Costa Rica. As a result, our agents will prevent and eliminate potential problems before, during, and after the sale.

Our Constitution

The American-European Real Estate Group was established in 1998 and is the oldest and largest network of independent real estate brokers in Costa Rica.

Our real estate brokers and their associates come from many countries. Since they have served literally thousands of Costa Rica clients from all over the world as they invest in or relocate to Costa Rica.

From coast to coast

The network covers Costa Rica from coast to coast. While the network formed in response to the informality that exists in the Costa Rica real estate market, we created the best organized MLS in Costa Rica.


Because there is no real estate licensing required by the government, the founding members believed that a network of reputable brokers operating in the most popular areas would be a great benefit to themselves and to their clients.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Properties for sale

San Ramon de Tres Rios 4 BR Home on 1 Acre – Cooler climate

  • $425,000
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 2
  • Construction size (m2): 350
  • Lot size (m2): 3866
  • Residential Homes

San Pedro Single Story 3 BR House Plus Office near University

  • $320,000
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Construction size (m2): 222
  • Lot size (m2): 299
  • Residential Homes

WOW 3 BR Atenas Designer home with views

  • $580,000
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Construction size (m2): 230
  • Lot size (m2): 12196
  • Residential Homes

Playa Hermosa 3 BR Ocean View Penthouse

  • $689,000
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Construction size (m2): 396
  • Lot size (m2): 2500
  • Residential Homes

Spectacular Uvita 4 BR Luxury Whale’s Tail View Home

  • $2,500,000
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 5
  • Lot size (m2): 664
  • Residential Homes

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