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Independent Agent

    About Independent Agent

    Exceptional properties for sale from coast to coast

    Independent Agent is an account that we use for those agents that do not work in a specific area. All affiliate agents of the American European Real Estate Group is one.

    Independent agent

    The American European Real Estate Group is a network of independent real estate agents who only work the area they represent, as opposed to most Costa Rica real estate agents. Other than that, we do advertise any Costa Rica real estate that is well worth advertising for a reason.

    These properties for sale can be residential properties or commercial properties, but have to be well priced and legally in order. Customers could list with an independent agent who is not a member of the MLS. So if you are comfortable with an independent agent in your area who has your property listed, let us know.

    7 Provinces

    When we started this MLS, all three founding agents were covering the whole country. Unfortunately, those times are long gone and traffic doesn’t allow for that anymore.

    That is the reason that we have an Independent agent for every area that has a lot of interest.

    Nonetheless, there are still quite a few areas that we don not cover on our MLS, in all 7 provinces of Costa Rica. The independent agent account, makes it possible for us, if we feel comfortable, to market those properties.

    Any property

    We do list any property, as long as the legal title is correct and we can send someone to check it. As a result, the decision for listing the property or not, is entirely ours.

    See any property listing with the “Easy Properties” logo? Feel free to send us an inquiry and we will connect you with the person in charge.

    Your request for any info on these properties goes through the AE – Easy Properties contact form. The listing agent will contact you directly.

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