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William Turley

About William Turley

William and Angelica Turley have 24 combined years of experience of being a Guanacaste real estate agent. They were both licensed Real Estate Agents in California prior to moving to Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 2004.

Guanacaste real estate agent

Angelica and William brought the ethical practice that is expected and required in California with them to this non regulated profession.

For the American European real estate network, they are the expert Guanacaste real estate agent. They cover residential real estate. Their expertise is mostly on farms in the Guanacaste. There, they cover areas of Cañas and Bagaces to Miravalles in the north, Bijagua toward Lake Arenal and Cañas itself.


Academically, William has a B.A. in Physics and an M.A. in Physical Science, both from San Diego State University in California. He taught for a short time and later ran two companies, Communication Engineering, Inc. and Advanced Alternative Energy Solutions, LLC. Soon after that William retired and moved to Costa Rica. In addition, Angelica worked with CPS Golden Land Realty in Petaluma, California for five years.


Angelica and William purchased an 11 Hectare Cattle Farm and immediately started reforesting with fruit and local hardwood trees. Many of the fruit trees are bearing now so they are closer to their goal of becoming self sufficient. Guanacaste is very much an agricultural area so they offer many farm options for you in their inventory.

Farm types on inventory

In Guanacaste real estate you find cattle farms, reforestation farms, rice farms, palm oil farms and many crop farms for sale. It is very relevant to show them your requirements and budget so they can assist you so much better.


William and Angelica Turley invite you to let them assist in finding the Guanacaste property of your choice. They cover between Cañas and Bagaces and the northern areas around Miravalles. Contact William and Angelica now for Guanacaste real estate

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