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Jesse Biesanz

    About Jesse Biesanz

    My name is Jesse Biesanz and I am covering real estate in the Sabana to Puriscal area. I moved to the central valley when I was about 5 to live with my father, who runs a woodworking business. I grew up hiking the hills of Escazú immersed in Tico culture. As a teenager I left to travel in the US, Europe and the Middle East, and then returned to start Punta Quepos Trailrides, a horseback/kayak tour company in Manuel Antonio. There I managed several rentals and helped maintain family land lots while living in an off-the-grid cabin.

    In 1991 my wife and I decided to raise our family in Oregon where I was a stone mason for almost 30 years. Our kids are all grown now and in 2020 we returned to Costa Rica to continue supporting my family in managing lands and rentals. In that capacity I have improved houses,
    maintained land lots, and worked with topographers, lawyers, municipalities and other government institutions. I am also the current
    coordinator of the “Bandera Azul” ICT program to support cleanliness, tree planting, and education for Biesanz Beach.

    We love living here and I am looking forward to helping folks find their connection to Costa Rica with a good home. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. Let’s get started!

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