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Rudy Arias

About Rudy Arias

Your Desamparados real estate agent and Barrios del Sur specialist Rudy Arias was born in San José, Costa Rica. Rudy started sales with the timeshare business at a Resort in Central Florida where he was very successful. Century 21 in the Windermere, Florida office offered a very good opportunity in real estate.

He had the opportunity first to lean the business well in the residential real estate department and later he was able to take over the commercial property department.

Rudy graduated in business administration and also received strong sales training at Tempus Academy.

He then moved back to Costa Rica, his native country, in 2005 where he continued with the real estate business.


Rudy is our affiliate in the great area of Desamparados and Barrios del Sur. The Desamparados area includes the following locations:

Rudy has a great knowledge of the communities of this entire area called Los Barrios del Sur.

As a real estate agent affiliated with MLS, Rudy can help you find the property you like for your beautiful family or business. If you are looking for a Desamparados real estate agent, he will gladly assist you. Please contact Rudy Arias for your Desamparados and Barrios del Sur sale now.

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