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28 Acre Tortuguero Beachfront for Boutique Hotel or Resort

  • $1,300,000
Tortuguero, Caribbean Beach
  • Commercial properties, Farms and Ranches
  • Property Type
  • 112955
  • Lot size (m2)


MLS ID: 46788
  • Commercial properties, Farms and Ranches
  • Property Type
  • 112955
  • Lot size (m2)

Property Details

  • MLS ID: 22PVH37
  • Price: $1,300,000
  • Lot Size (acre): 28
  • Lot size (m2): 112955
  • Location: Caribbean Beach
  • City: Tortuguero
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Property Type: Commercial properties, Farms and Ranches

Property Description

Breathtaking 28 Acre Tortuguero Beachfront for Boutique Hotel or Resort for sale. Partially titled 11 ha property in the Tortuguero National Park and Barra de Colorado Wildlife Refuge. The jungle and Caribbean landscape that surrounds it will envelop you. When it’s time to wake up, you will be accompanied by a million sounds from the surrounding jungle and the murmur of the Caribbean Sea that dwells around. If you want to rest, read, think, or enjoy. This region is part of the 5 most sought Tourism destinations in Costa Rica.

Flora and fauna in the area are rich, wonderful, and unique, presenting several species in danger of extinction, such as several sea turtle species, like the green turtle, the Carey turtle, the Leatherback turtle, as well as mammals and birds as rare as the Jaguar as well as the Tapir, and one of the rarest birds the beautiful Agami Storch.

In front of an extensive and unspoiled natural canal, surrounded by tropical rainforest and separated from the sea by only a narrow peninsula of the virgin and intact tropical jungle. The tranquility of the water and the zone will bring much wildlife to the property. important places for the arrival of leatherback, green, and hawksbill turtles. Once a year, these incredible species come to their birthplace to lay their eggs. Surrounded by three Sea Turtle conservation projects, 2400 hectares of Biological Reserve, and a labyrinth of rivers and swamps.

Characteristics of the property

The property, of a total of 112,955 m2 (11.2 hectares) and rectangular, is limited by the Caribbean Sea in the East, the Canal Caño Palma in the West, and undeveloped properties to the North and South. it is extending into a rectangular space 200 meters wide by 650 meters long, limited by the beach of the Caribbean Sea at one end Orientation East) and the Caño Palma channel in the other (Orientation (West).

Project Area Location

This Tortuguero Beachfront property is located 1.5 km north of the town of Tortuguero (See Annex 1, Location Plan). It is located within the “Barra de Colorado Wildlife Refuge,” adjoining the “Tortuguero National Park” and forming part of the Archie Carr Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. Tortuguero National Park is a renowned protected area in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We offer 27.9 acres ( 11 Ha) available for eco-tourism development, sustainable community development, or investment.

Some pointers

  • The original idea of ​​the owners was to develop this Tortuguero Beachfront into an Eco-Tourism Hotel project on the farm offered. Priceless titled 5000-meter property between the channel and the Ocean.
  • For this reason, if you are interested in acquiring the land, the owners offer, free of charge and as part of a “purchase package,” to assign the acquired legal rights for the development of the project, as well as all the documentation with which is currently counted.
  • This project could be the Flagship of the Tortuguero region, with chain or franchise potential.
  • Mixed development is possible between residential, Hotel, and Wellness resorts.
  • Hotel development, Restaurant, and meeting rooms were planned.
  • Owners could not complete their hotel project for health reasons, even with most studies, permits, and construction plans. For this reason, we will present the information on the farm sale, also contemplating the sale of studies, analyses, permits, construction plans, and other instruments.
  • Already have most of the studies, permits, and construction plans as partly turnkey permit processes.
  • Wellness resort and Spa. Mixed development with Boutique Hotel and residential with a low foot imprint of sustainable and green living

Privately owned area

  1. with the right to be registered in the Land Registry. This central part of the property is where a project can be built (Hotel, with rooms and common areas, main restaurant, employee housing, owners’ housing, swimming pools, etc.).

Two concession Zones

  • The first 50 m from the water’s edge of the Caño Palma canal is a public area; this property is for public use and can be located on it: Piers, complementary facilities to the rustic-type pier. 150 m from the limit of the public use area, it is state-owned. Still, it can be used privately to locate rustic-type buildings and ecotourism facilities after obtaining a right of use from the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
  • Maritime-terrestrial zone, with a width of 200 m and a length of 150 m. It can be used for ecotourism development after obtaining the right of use by MINAE. Public Zone corresponds to the current beach on the Caribbean Sea and is a spawning place for the different species of Caribbean turtles. Public Zone corresponds to the current beach on the Caribbean Sea.

My take on this spectacular and captivating one-of-a-kind property. Because of the fact that you have the middle part titled, the property is extremely rare and gives you the potential to purchase a property that could be the flagship property in the Tortuguero region. Contact me now to view this 28 Acre Tortuguero Beachfront for Boutique Hotel or Resort for sale.

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