Marian Veltman

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Your Atenas specialist

Marian is our Atenas specialist so if you want to purchase a Atenas home for sale or rent a home or an apartment in Atenass, you have arrived at the right place. They can help you find that perfect vacation home or retirement home for sale, a great unfurnished home for rent for the long term or if you're out to look for retirement property in Atenas, Marian can help you with a short term furnished home or apartment. You should look at your Atenas home for rent and for sale well ahead of time because Atenas is a very attractive place for those who plan to retire in the tropics.

We always wanted to live somewhere in the tropics but didn’t know where. In February 2007 we came to Costa Rica for a vacation. We immediately loved the country, the climate and the people. After vacationing for two weeks in Costa Rica, we bought our home in Santa Eulalia, near Atenas. We still are in awe of the Atenas area, the perfect climate, its central location and the lovely town and its surroundings. We went back to Holland to finish our jobs and prepare everything for our move to Costa Rica. On Jan 1st 2008, we realized our dream and moved to Costa Rica permanently.

Contact Marian NOW if you need any help buying or renting a property.