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300 Acre Tropical Farm for sale in Osa Peninsula

Listed by Daveed Hollander

Summary: Help us protect nature

Property ID Number: 6177
Specific Property Type: Other Land
Listing Status: Active
Price (US$): $850,000
Geographic Area: South Pacific Beaches
Property City: Puerto Jimenez
Meters Squared or Hectares: 131 hectares
Lot Size (sq. Ft.) - Farm Acreage: 324.32 acres
Construction (sq. ft.): 0
Property Description: The farm is located near the Esquinas River in the Osa peninsula and is part of the “Golfo Dulce” National Forest Reserve. Exactly 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Chacarita crossing in the Interamerican Highway towards the town of Puerto Jimenez in the Osa peninsula.

The Osa peninsula is one of the most biodiverse place in the world. It’s said that 5% of all of the world’s biodiversity is concentrated in this area. The farm has Tropical Forest classification with an annual precipitation of 5000 mm.

The average temperature is around 32oC (89 oF) in the day and 25oC (77oF) in the night, the humidity is always above 90%.

In the farm there are 25 year-round water springs and many more that dry up in the dry season. There are two creeks on the property and they join inside the property to form the Sambo Creek, which ends in the Esquinas River, in the border of the farm. In these creeks there are several waterfalls, the main one is around 122m (400ft) high. Fresh water shrimp and fish are in abundance in both creeks. The Esquinas River can be sailed by small boats and fishing is good.

The farm total 131 hectares (324 acres). Around 20% are flatlands, mainly from the Sambo creek valley. Most of the valley is covered by an old-growth abandoned cacao plantation, it currently is unproductive.

The rest of the flatlands have some pastures and a small area of diversified crops, such as plantains, bananas, sugar cane, cassava and other roots, fruit trees, hibiscus, rice, beans, pineapple, papaya, etc. This area in total consists of approximately 90 acres and this area can be developed.
The rest of the farm is covered by forest.

Most of the terrains are steep hills. According to the registers, there are around 3000 species of vascular plants, from which 700 are trees. Here we can find precious woods as nazareno (Peltogyne pupurea), manu (Caryocar costaricense), cristobal (Couratari guianensis), zapatero (Himenaea courbaril), amarillon (Terminalia amazonia), several cedar trees (Calophyllum brasiliense, Carapa guianensis, Cedrella odorata), botarrama (Vochysia ferruginea), fruta dorada (Virola koschnyi). Also there are 237 species of fungus and 38 of lichens.

In the Osa, there are 762 species of molluscs, 4414 species of insects, there might be more. We can find also 69 species of amphibious, 115 reptiles, 364 species of birds and 154 of mammals. The most notable species are the red macaws (ara macao), jaguar (Panthera onca), monkeys (Cebus capucinus, Ateles geoffroyi, Alowatta palliata, Saimiri oerstedii), tapir or danta (Tapirus bairdii), wild pigs (Tayassu pecari, Tayassu tajacu), puma (Puma concolor), tolomuco (Herpailurus yaguaroundi), pizote (Nasua narica), perezoso (Choleopus hoffmani, Barypus variegatus), cherenga (Dasyprocta punctata), tepezcuintle (Agouti paca), poisonous snakes (Bothrops asper, Bothriechis schlegelii, Bothriechis laterales, Micrurus nigrocinctus, Porthidium nasutum, Lachesis stenophrys) . Most of this species are considered endangered or at risk of extinction.

The farm has an old wood house and dirt roads throughout the property one of which leads to the Esquinas River. Currently the farm is in a fallen wood extraction process, whereby permits are being generated in order to extract and sell approximately 237 hardwood trees.

Possibilities for the farm:
Tilapia farm
Freshwater shrimp farm
Biodynamic farm
Eco Tourist Destination
Biological Study Destination for university and research institutions
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