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HGTV House Hunters and Costa Rica real estate
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By Ivo Henfling for the Easy Times

Everyone I know loves to watch HGTV house hunters. This TV program is like you are realizing your dream to move to Costa Rica or another tropical paradise without having to pay for it.

While a couple of future expats on the show go through the options of the different homes offered, you get to see just a glimpse of the destination.

But the glimpse should be enough to get the fever going.

I just remembered that our affiliate partner Barry Ashworth was on the HGTV House Hunters International show in 2006. Barry showed Daniel McQueen and Herbert Landeverde from Los Angeles various options for a vacation home and they ended up buying a condo in Santa Ana for $150,000.

Costa Rica property on HGTV

For many years after the show, Barry has had a constant flow of emails from clients wanting to see that same condo. Most who watch the show, think it was produced last week or very recently and don’t realize many of these shows are years old. Barry, being a smart real estate agent, shows all his other Costa Rica real estate listings in the same price range because the house on the show was long sold.

Over the years, that same home has sold several times, every time for a higher price and this is the reason I am writing this blog: the same Santa Ana condo is for sale again! Check it out! The increase in price has had to do with the growth of Santa Ana because Santa Ana is booming.

Santa Ana real estate

Real Estate in Santa Ana has increased tremendously due to the growth of the office centers in the city of Santa Ana. First Forum I and now Forum II as well as some other large office centers have attracted large international companies to set up their corporate offices in Costa Rica due to the well educated workforce of Costa Rica.

This story doesn't only show that buying a property in Santa Ana is a great investment as it will increase in value over the years, no matter how good or bad the market is, it also show that Barry will help you seel it again when you need to.

If you are in the market for Costa Rica real estate and especially for a property in Santa Ana, contact Barry Ashworth now for a tour of this great condo and any other Santa Ana property he has listed.

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